Sticking around Kuta’s streets by night with the « Australian Fella » is quite something!

When he don’t run around naked or sit on the street floor, smocking cigarettes and drinking strong local alcohol with young Balinese fan of Death Metal, this man enjoy pouring alcohol on people’s feet.

I met him while running along the streets, looking for pictures opportunities and he naturally stick out of the box.
When I saw the guy the first time I thought

« -It’s gonna be a great night! »

And indeed it was!


Stand Still StanceMiss CallFlight Of The ConchordsSmearmuringISO Crash TestRoll Scrape Sk8

Crazy nights at Ecobeach !

2015 is at its end, suffocating under its own vices, drugs, alcools, heavy music, surf, sk8 and old man’s bitch. Those who know where to go meet at Pretty Poison, the Underground Rendez-vous of Bali.

2016 is about to rise and we kill the previous year the way we can. No Excuse, no Fear and no Limits.

This is it beach! Welcome to Pretty Poison’s Nights