« And again I gain knowing you.

What comes out of my brain is the ultimate proof,

I just feel it in my vein, no spoof.

It’s not in vain you are The main,

Of my inspiration of course you are the reins, You reign.

Because you unchain the source of my creation.

So I claim, Devant Ton Nom, Laura, I bow,

In front of a Name, Yours, Again. »

SUFFERING (a translation of ABSENCE)

Oh suffering, of Karita I am thinking, I meditate

Oh insanity, you drag me and I did not hesitate

However, I carefully avoid to emphasize her absences

And I forgot the poverty of her presence, in my absences

Because she is the Absinthe of my senses

But when I forgot to forgot her silence

Just as a recurrence

Life lose all significance

Then in the wrong way I am looking

How to escape from this wandering

From this Abyss in which, Oh relief

I plunge, I drown, I perish

                               In silence

Because in the wrong way I am always looking

When the Absinthe of my senses is missing.


« Laura like clouds,

She say that loud.

Laura find out

People freak out.

« What is this place? »

Wonder with grace,

The kid that sight

The sky at night.

What do they hide?

Do they have pride?

Not to embrace

This pretty place?

Why do people

Lose their control

When all aloud

She stare at cloud? »


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Oh souffrance C’est a Karita que je pense

Oh démence  tu m’attira sans crainte et sans méfiance

Pourtant j’évite soigneusement de souligner son absence

Et j’oublie l’indigence de sa présence dans mes absences

Car elle est l’Absinthe de mes sens

Mais quand j’oublie d’oublier son silence

Comme d’une redondance

La vie perd son sens

Alors je cherche a contre-sens

Le moyen d’échapper à cette errance

Cette abîme dans laquelle Oh délivrance

Je me plonge, je me noie, je m’abîme… en silence

Puisque j’avance toujours a contre-sens

Dans l’absence de l’Absinthe de mes sens