« Laura like clouds,

She say that loud.

Laura find out

People freak out.

« What is this place? »

Wonder with grace,

The kid that sight

The sky at night.

What do they hide?

Do they have pride?

Not to embrace

This pretty place?

Why do people

Lose their control

When all aloud

She stare at cloud? »




I have a Friend, She love Clouds, she is one of the few people left on earth who look up and see the real world and as I just said, she is one of the few people left on earth who really, really, really love clouds, for real.

Yesterday she post this on her wall

« What world do we live in?! I left work and saw the most beaaautiful cloud and yelled « WOW!! LOOK AT THAT!! » and the people around me freaked out, 2 crouched down thinking I was talking about something bad or dangerous. Can’t a girl just be excited about a pretty cloud? »

I realized that the little story was so clear to me while I was reading it, that it was as if I was witnessing what was happening. So I decide to make something out of it, just for the sake of fun and poetry.

Its just few words, maybe words in the air you know? In fact I hope they are Words In The air, so they can speak to the clouds, telling them there is still someone down on earth who notice them.


Once again Laura Buitrago, Laura like clouds this little fluffy poem is for and because of you.

Again, again… again??? This word is by now just like an echo to my mind. Look out, something is getting out of it !?



« And again I gain knowing you.
What comes out of my brain is the ultimate proof,
I just feel it in my vein, no spoof.
It’s not in vain you are The main,
Of my inspiration of course you are the reins, You reign.
Because you unchain the source of my creation.
So I claim, Devant Ton Nom, Laura, I bow,
In front of a Name, Yours, Again. »




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