What is magic in live is the way you get lost. Wherever you go, get lost and you’re sure to find THE way. That’s how we find things in this life.

During our experience on earth the Universe guide us, and sometimes to see the way, you need to follow other than your own path.

Not surprisingly we find the way of the Universe when we lost control of our own way.

No matter how your lost : In your Mind, in your Dream, in your relationship or just in your favourite city.

And so, the last Great time I was lost, without knowing it, I find the way. Cause the last time I went lost I meet Laura.

I want to speak a bit more of what happen and how I meet her and why I find the way by meeting Laura because I think its a Great story and I love Great stories.

It was the second time within a month. What? Well… Copenhagen.

I was wandering around the street of this city again and I was realy happy to be there.

The hostel where I wanted to sleep in was fool this time. Called the Copenhagen Downtown Backpacker or CPH Downtown it’s a lovely place, warm friendly and small enough. If you know how to do, if you’r a bit crazy and you love to speak to complet stranger you will make lots of friend in this place and that’s why I was coming back to it. But I was late and there were no room left for me so I had to find a different place to sleep in town.

The guest house I found was too big and people used to form groups, not my style so I run out of it taking a bike.

I was starving, I wanted to go eating something vegan and I knew an amazing place from the last time I visit the city. But since I only knew the way from the CPH Downtown I get lost as soon as I get out of the hostel. So as lost as I was I stop at a street corner and start to look at my map.

Suddenly a beautiful girl jump on me. You won’t believe how gorgeous she was. At first I was kind of disturb by her beauty. I was like « Gosh look at those eyes! » So I was lost in her eyes while I was lost in the city. In fact we were both lost needless to say we find each others.

« At first sight » she told me « I thought you were Danish, cause of the bike and the massive beard and when I see you got a map I told myself « Jeez you bet I am lost in this city if even Danish people need a map. » »

So that was how and where and when she decide to speak to me, her name was Laura and (I repeat) she got such amazing eyes. With a big great smile she has a beautiful way of laughing to every opportunity.

We try to find our way on the map. She ask me for a street, she was looking for a backpacker and as if there were only one backpacker in the whole Copenhagen I ask her if by chance she was looking for the Copenhagen Downtown Backpacker. It was precisely the one she was looking for, but being lost myself I was not in the best position to guide anybody. Further more the CPH Downtown was located in a tiny little street really hard to spot on a map. So we are there in this corner and I am looking in vain to search for it. Where this CPH backpacker could be? The worst is I knew I was not far from the Vegan place I was looking for, and from there I knew the way.

I told Laura « You know what? Forget about the map, the CPH downtown must be about this direction so if you take this street then this one and keep the direction you will find it ». I give her an approximative way, of course what do you expect  I was lost.

I went back on my bike taking the street in front of me as she took the left one. Few meters latter as I recognised where I was, I realise I send Laura a wrong way!

I should have ask her to take the road I was on, and ironically I should have take the road I show her. I take the next corner and bingo I was in front of the vegan place, thinking of the poor girls that must have been lost with my indication cause I mess up the streets. Of course the restaurant was closed, so I stop in front of the door thinking of an other place to go and surprisingly… well… reasonably surprisingly I see Laura coming from the other side of the street.

In fact we were just few meters from the corner where we just meet. It was the second time I meet Laura in Copenhagen, and none of it have been planed but this time I decide to embrace the situation, Laura seams to be an interesting girl and you never meet people by chance. There is a reason in everything especially for one who knows how to look at things. If you don’t believe in magic you will never find it anywhere.

This time I knew where I was. Laura was in front of me and because I knew that the way to the CPH was still twisted I decide to bring her there. Further more I had no more obligation since the place I was looking for was closed and I had no desire to see this poor little girl get lost once again, all because of me. The CPH backpacker was a place I loved and I was quite ready for an evening beer.

All of this get round in my mind and so I say to Laura « You know what, I will show you the way, If you don’t mind I bring you there for a beer. » Well I must have said it with less insurance than that but its my story so lets keep going.

Laura accept to follow me and we went walking along the streets of Copenhagen, discovering who was who and why and how we were who we were.

And so we went on our Epic journey in the streets of Copenhagen.

What was going on is that I meet a wonderful girl in the loony streets of Copenhagen and it was just what I needed since I was alone in town and the Universe knows I love to be surround by beautiful being of Light.

Laura was Great. We speak about traveling, philosophy and spirituality while drinking a beer, all of that confortably seated in soft beansbag. Laura is from Columbia but she live in the Stats and she speak french!

I had an Amazing time going around CPH with her but the best was yet to come.

So we became friend on Facebook… Yes even in Epic stories we can speak about Facebook, especially nowadays cause Epic stories still exist! And those who believe in Magic make there life an Epic quest. And in fact FaceBook is such a reality those days that trying not to speak about it just because we wanna make the story a bit more serious is the same as trying to speak about a present-day Love story without speaking about cell phone and text messages!

So what was yet to come is that Laura who was already a Great friend of mine was going to be one of my strongest source of inspiration. Laura is a Great Soul, a being of light, and an Artist with a complete original personality. And as every being of light she shows THE way.

Laura use to publish on the web lots of little rays of colours, fabulous quote, wonderful pictures and great pieces of Art and Poetry as for exemple her Poem « Porcelain Soldiers » so true not to be known.

And since her wonderful pictures give me the desire to take more pics but reminds me in the same time that I couldn’t because my camera get stolen in the streets of Barcelona times ago and since her way of writing was just amazing for me I get stuck with jealousy. She was doing everything I wanted to but in much better. I wanted, as well, to do what she was doing with her life, but with mine. Taking Great pictures, having a sense of philosophy, writing down poems and Epic stories, playing with colours etc. etc.

So I got jealous but I didn’t let the thought destabilise me. I look deep down within myself. I look at what I was feeling and I realise that Laura’s Art was giving me a strong feeling of hearing something fundamentally true and beautiful. So I ask myself why I was so jealous of it. Of course I loved the poem, from the very minute I hear it, but this tiny little sharp feeling stung me. And so as I look downer into my darkness, I discover that this darkness was in fact a pit of light. Yes a pit of light, but a pit waiting to be discovered. Swallowing light just enough to be noticed and ready to be used as an inner Lighthouse, as soon as the darkness was identify and reversed. Cause all Darkness got its own mirror. All Lightlessness got it’s own reflection, all negativity got its own counterbalancing side. That is why you can always transform Negative things into positive things. A negative start is never a definitive blow, you just have to learn to use its strength. You have to learn to make its centrifugal force a lift for you, not a grave.

And what is the mirror reflection of jealousy? If not Inspiration? Jealousy appear when you want to do something or when you want to have something you see in the life of others but you think you don’t have the capacity to do it, or to have it in you own life. Inspiration is when you want to do something, or when you want to have something you see in the life of other and you use everything you can learn from them to be what you want to be and to have what you want to have. Think about it. If, instead of being jealous of a person one try to see the situation as a source of inspiration the gates of creativity are on the way to open wide. You can apply that in every sector of your life, if you turn jealousy into inspiration you already win.

Jealousy is not ultimately bad, what make you jealous his a sign, an indication mark of what will give you the willingness to do things you want to do with the light of inspiration shinning on them in order to get them out of the pit of Darkness, out of Unconsciousness or Unawareness. That’s why Inspiration is a Lighthouse, and that’s why it’s flip cards is enviousness or jealousy.

I use the term Lighthouse cause jealousy and inspiration shows you, (one with dark light and the other one with bright light), what you can definitely do. But only if you give yourself the chance to do it.

That’s why Laura’s Art shine in my heart and in my Art.

One fact about jealousy…

When it no longer hurts you, it hikes you.

And this experience with laura’s Art reinforce a strong felling I have inside me since long, a willing to be a writer, a story teller, a philosopher, a poet, a photographe… an Artist. I love to play with words, and words are my friends. They are my friends in every languages I speak. I love playing with sonority and images, making concept becomes a visual thing, forcing ideas to pop up like mushrooms and to drives meanings until they splash in the face of people like the explosion of a soap bubble.

But Laura’s inspiring Art didn’t stop there. Apart from her philosophy and her poem which I love, I also love her « own » inspiration. And just few days after I realised how writing was an important thing for me, Laura share a beautiful text of Bukowski called « So You Want To Be a Writer. » It was the final blow of an ongoing process. The Epic alliance of Laura and Charles Bukowski using the sword of words and poetry to push me to dig deeper into my own love for writing.

In your life if you find yourself completely lost use this situation as a tool cause the other side of being lost is of course being guided by something out of your control.

And so being lost means finding the Way.

To Laura who is quite a Beautiful little thing. Today I bless the whole Universe who send her into my life. One day I was lost. I find a way out and it would be lying to say she not responsible for this.

To LAURA, The Great Soul, The Lighthouse, The inspiration and the Muse of my Art. Thank you with all my respect and blessing.

Your friend, the beardy man.

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